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Web Hosting Dubai

Unlimited website hosting services, free SSL
certificate, regular & customized backups, 99.9%
uptime, and a free domain name for a year!

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Discover hosting services innovation with Navicosoft. Get Web Hosting in Dubai from
one of the Best Website hosting companies in Dubai to get a digital presence.

Navicosoft offers you
Customizable web hosting plans

Navicosoft offers you customizable web hosting plans for your website/blog. Host
your website with one-click installation of many CMS(s) including WordPress,
Magento, Joomla, ERPNext, NopCommerce, and Woocommerce.

We, as one of the largest web hosting companies in Dubai , serving since decades, have
successfully managed our fame and identity by providing exceptional hosting
services. We are serving various well-known organizations with the best hosting
features, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller
hosting, and cloud hosting.

Our Featured
Web hosting Plan


Starting From
$ 31.00/year
Grab your desired domain name, make your website live with our affordable shared web hosting services plans.

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Starting From
$ 15.00/mo
Become our reseller as our reseller hosting plans allow you to create accounts & cheap websites under your brand name, packages, and features

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Starting From
$ 169.90/year
Want to host your web server? Purchase our VPS web hosting plan with full root access and a scalable hosting environment.

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Hosting Service

Starting From
$ 72.00/mo
Are you looking for a faster, more flexible hosting solution? Get Centos Servers with Top guaranteed 1 Gbps uplink powered by Cpanel.

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What Did We Offer

Navicosoft, as a competent web hosting services agency makes sure, you host
your website with perfecting every aspect you need for your business!

Free Domain for year

Get your desired domain
registered with us with each
shared hosting plan.

Single-Click Installs

Integrating your apps
is much easier now as we offer
you one-click installations of
all known CMS(s).

Unlimited Web Space

We give you infinite disk
space for data storage to
keep your site running fast.

Free SSL Certificate

We, except all other web
hosting services providers,
also make your sites secure
with a free SSL certificate.

Coming from
another Host? Free
Data/Site Transfer

We give you free website
migration services to our
servers with all the features
you need when migrating
from another hosting
service provider.

The Maximum

We ensure availability;
therefore, your sites always
stay up with the best
uptime of 99.9%.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bring in your desired web
traffic because we know
how to handle it with
unlimited and unmeasured

Why Navicosoft as
Your web hosting company in Dubai ?

These are the reasons that make us unique:

For Decades

Create a feed for you based on the
recent guidelines to ensure that your
shopping campaign can perform as better as


We are honored to have more than 10,000 corporate clients and government organizations we serve with full dedication.


We give you 24/7/365 support. Contact
us integrating ticketing system, live chat
support & Phone support.

IT Support

Get the managed services from our IT
experts because we make sure to facilitate our
clients with every aspect.

cPanel Partners

We believe in bringing technology
together. Navicosoft, as a certified
cPanel partner, gives you the best
hosting experience.


Daily backup plans to make your site
safe and keep t running smoothly.


We make sure to give you 99.9%

And Security

We believe that secure web hosting is
vital; therefore, we provide you the most
secure hosting plans with all types of
web hosting services.

Enhance Web
Hosting Software

We use the industry’s leading web hosting software to make sure websites are working fine and fast.
Litespeed server for speed as backend Proxy
Immunity 360 for security
Specialized Firewalls
Complex IPTable rules


1: What is web hosting, and why do I need it?

Web hosting server is a computer where people store their websites. It’s just like your home where you store your clothes, furniture, etc., but instead of these things, you store computer files, documents data, soft data in a web host.
You always need a good web host in order to make your website live. So, a web hosting company in Dubai is the one that rents out their servers to store your website.

2: Which hosting plan is better for my site?

Web hosting server is a computer where people store their websites. It’s just like your home where you store All you need to do is little analysis of your requirements:

  • Decide how much holding do you need
  • Estimate the amount of traffic you will have on your website
  • Understand the server types
  • Select a content management system for your site and buy a server accordingly.

3: How can I transfer my domain to Navicosoft?

You may read our complete domain transfer guide, including what you need, how much time it’ll take, how to check its status or all other troubleshooting notes to help you throughout the way.

4: How do I find the best website hosting company in Dubai ?

While choosing the web hosting services providers, make sure to check all these features:

  • Maximum bandwidth
  • SSL certificate
  • 99% guaranteed uptime
  • Inviolable security measures
  • Full-time friendly customer support
  • Regular backup
  • Free trial hosting

5: Reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is the type of web hosting that allows you to buy a hosting provider’s resources and resell them to your client with some profits. Many web hosting companies in Dubai provide reseller hosting to web developers, web designers and to those who deal with websites daily and resell the hosting to its clients.

6: How can I transfer my hosting to Navicosoft without data loss?

If you are looking for a new web hosting company in Dubai prior to get better performance, better uptime, and better scalability without any data loss; In that case, we give you free data transfer and backups.

Simply place your order and contact our 24/7 support and get your site transferred to us with the best hosting features.

7: What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting, hundred or thousands of websites are placed on the same server. So typically, all domains share the exact server specifications like RAM, CPU, Processor, etc.
The cost is meager. Websites with lower visitor traffic are being hosted on shared servers. This type of web hosting doesn’t require too much technical knowledge.
You may also check some of the pros and cons of shared web hosting and decide whether your need it or you need a better hosting services package:


  • No root access
  • Limited traffic handling
  • Limited web space
  • Performance can be affected as many sites are hosted on the same server.


  • Cheap Web hosting
  • Affordable hosting Plans
  • Does not require much technical knowledge.

8: Dedicated hosting?

A dedicated web hosting means a dedicated server that offers you the maximum control over the server on where your website is stored on. An entire server or specific server space is allocated to you, and your website is the only site you can host.


  • Fast
  • Comes up with additional services
  • Full root access


  • Expensive
  • Needs technical knowledge

9: Why do I need a domain name?

A domain is your website address; before you can set up a website, you need a domain name for your business.
To own a domain, you need to register a domain name.
The domain name is not something you can see or touch; it’s just a collection of strings and alphabets that give your website an identity. It is always unique.
It means if one is already using the domain “abc.com”, then you cannot acquire the same.



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